Hudson Area Backpack Program

The backpack program provides food for needy families of students in the Hudson area with each participating church supporting a different school.   Our church supports neighboring E.P. Rock School. The backpacks provide a nutritious meal for the receiving family once a month. A short list of needed items and when to return the shopping bag is included in each green bag. So the next time you see someone handing out green shopping bags at church, ask how you can provide food to a family in need.    

 Backpack Program at E.P. Rock 
Our church participates  in the Hudson Area Backpack Program. We provide food for families in need at E.P. Rock Elementary School, in Hudson, WI. Coupons for milk, cheese, bread, and eggs are included in the backpacks. Donations for the cost of filling a backpack - approximately $12 -- are also very welcome and appreciated. For additional information, contact Barb Chapman, Judy Olson, or Nicole Munro through the church office at 715.386.3921.