Mission of the Month

The weekly coin offerings help support a variety of  local, regional, national and international missions. The donated bills and coins from four Sundays of each month are designated to a different mission. When there are five Sundays in a month, the fifth Sunday coin offerings are used for Volunteer in Mission (VIM) projects/trips. The Missions Committee determines the mission projects to receive this support throughout the year. 
Only coins/bills are used for the Mission of the Month. However, checks or cash will be included if so indicated. Note on your check if your donation is for the "Mission of the Month." The coin offerings have proven to be an excellent way of providing support to many mission projects that we may not be able to include in the church budget.

Missions of the Month (Subject to Change)

January:  Afghan Refuge Relief/5th Sunday Angel Fund

February: Harbor House Crisis Shelter

March: UMCOR

April: Turning Point

May: Operation Help/5th Sunday Youth Mission Trip

June:  Christian Community Homes and Services

July: Northcott House/5th Sunday Angel Fund

August: Hudson Food Shelf

September: Exodus House

October: SEWMUCHNEED/5th Sunday College Care Pkgs.

November: Midwest Distribution Center

December: Africa University Women's Tuition Contriutions